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The state of South Carolina is home to a substantial number of medically fragile children. The term medically fragile refers to children with chronic medical conditions who are prone to frequent hospitalizations. This population of our youth requires continuous skilled nursing care and multiple forms of supportive therapy on a daily basis. Due to the fact that a growing number of families are either unwilling or unable to care for these children, they are being placed in hospitals or therapeutic foster homes. Our plan is to create a long-term care facility that will provide holistic care, meeting the medical needs of these precious children, but also rendering the emotional support of a loving home.  At this time, we have many expenses due to the fact we are pioneering the first medically fragile children’s home in the state of South Carolina. We are currently working with DSS and the medically fragile program at the state level to establish the magnitude of care necessary to meet the need across our state. Our current need is financial support for the initial start of our home. This need encompasses, but is not limited to, application fees, marketing, establishing and customizing a building to meet state regulations and the children’s needs, legal necessities, and coverage for executive & staff positions. Thank you for your interest and support of Heaven’s Hope Inc.

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Dr. Michael and Joan Pavy




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