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Whether spectating or participating, The Highland Games are a unifying rite of passage for any Scot. Amidst the vast ocean of tartan, bagpipes and clans, sits a cultural event steeped in skill, tradition and community. 

Countries across world, not only in Scotland, partake in these games, which include heavyweight events like the caber toss, stone put and the Scottish hammer throw.  Many adhere to the thought that the Games originated as a type of war game or as a means of sifting through the ranks as a means of finding the best candidates to serve the clan chieftains, both of which focus on strength, agility, and to some degree, entertainment.








OPEN STONE - A Stone throw, similar to the Olympic shot put.

Men's weights: 16 - 22 lb, Women's weights: 8 - 12 lb

BRAEMAR STONE - Same as the Open Stone, except the stone is heavier and the competitors must throw from a standing position with no approach allowed.

Men's weights: 20 - 26 lb, Women's weights 13 - 18 lb

HEAVY WEIGHT FOR DISTANCE - A metal weight attached to a chain with a handle is thrown with one hand from a throwing area.  The weight can be of various shapes and sizes, including spherical, bullet, or box shaped.

Implement weights - Men 56 lb, Women 28 lb, Masters/Novice 42 lb.

LIGHT WEIGHT FOR DISTANCE - Same as the Heavy Weight for distance, just lighter.

Implement Weights - Men 28 lb, Women 14 lb

HEAVY HAMMER - The hammer is a spherical metal head with a long handle of either PVC pipe or rattan attached.  Maximum length is 50 in.  The hammer must be thrown with the feet in a fixed position, with the back to the field, and release over the shoulder.

Weights: Men 22 lb, Women 16 lb

LIGHT HAMMER - Same as the Heavy Hammer, just lighter.

Implement Weights: Men 16 lb, Women 12 lb

CABER - Perhaps the most widely recognized event in the games.  Often, this is synonymous with the entire sport, and it serves as the "main event" at most Celtic Festivals.  The caber is a wooden log that must be lifted and tossed, then points are awarded based on rotation or landing position.

SHEAF - While many dispute the origins of this event, it is a mainstay at most big games.  A 16 or 20 lb burlap bag of hay or twine is tossed with a pitchfork over a bar, or standard.  The goal is to toss it the highest.  Each competitor get three attempts at each height.

Sheaf Weights: Pros 20 lb, Amateur 16 or 20 lb, Masters 16 lb, Women 12 lb

WEIGHT FOR HEIGHT or WEIGHT OVER BAR - 56 lb weight is thrown over a bar for height by the competitors using one hand.



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